Friday, July 10, 2009


SERIOUS MVA: (PHOTOS & VIDEO) Emergency personnel are currently operating at the scene of a serious MVA on Oak Street and Towbin Avenue. On patient has just been extricated and is being transported by EMS to Jersey Shore. Another patient is being transported by EMS to KMC. Both injuries appear to be non-life threatening. Photos and video will be posted shortly.


TLS-07/Photos & Video TLS-CCP


Anonymous said...

I for one can not understand why there are sooooo many accidents here. Why can't people drive right?! It's those people that make me nervous to have my new driving son out on the road with them. I have been driving for 20+ years and still don't feel safe with all these drivers!

Anonymous said...

Get people off there cell phones, its that simple and teach people how to signal. We live in a City now not a township.

Anonymous said...

If people would just stop at stop signs these accidents wouldn't happen.