Friday, July 24, 2009

Hey-Need Skis? Just Ask Oorah!

Beginning at noon on Sunday, skis, boots and poles are being given away at the former Scotch Valley Ski Resort, courtesy of the new owners, Oorah Boy Zone and Girl Zone camps. The equipment will be handed out with a limit of two sets of equipment per person until it is gone, according to Clifford Meth, Oorah spokesman. Oorah recently finalized the purchase of the resort on state Route 10 between Stamford and Jefferson. The resort and Deer Run condominium complex will be home to a new summer camp for Jewish children in 2010. Eli Mintz, Oorah chief executive officer, said previously that he was open to the idea of the property being operated as ski resort during the winter if someone with experience can run it as a money-making operation. Read full story from here.


Anonymous said...

how far from lakewood is this

Anonymous said...

yashor yashor yashor v'tishel shoma