Thursday, July 30, 2009

Elmwood Home Burglarized

BREAK-IN: Police are investigating a break-in at a home in Elwood Village in what appears to be a non-forced entry break-in through the back sliding door. It is unclear at this time if anything was taken. We would like to remind our readers again, that LOCKING YOUR DOORS & WINDOWS at night sharply decreases the risk of having a burglar in your home. Also, as mentioned by the LCSW from another resident, keeping lights on outside your home-especially in the rear of the home-is a strong deterrent to any potential perpetrator. Remember, these guys are looking for a quick in & out.


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I heard the FBI was spotted in Elmwood. Are you sure this was a real break-in, or was it an FBI raid?

Anonymous said...

The FBI was there a few days ago. They also don't ransack homes in the middle of the night. There has been a rash of burglaries on the south side of the lake in the last two weeks.