Sunday, July 19, 2009

Families Enjoying The Airport

PHOTOS & VIDEO of families watching the parachuters and planes at the Monmouth airport this afternoon. (see video of parachuters landing and jets taking off). (Please note: the photos and video contain women).


Photos & video TLS-CCP


ernie said...

Please be advised, there are NO fencing or safety barriers at the Monmouth Allaire Airport. Parents often have a false sense of security at this particular location; children can easily just walk onto the Runway, or onto the parachute landing field. This puts a lot of pressure on the parachuter, landing the parachute is very difficult and dangerous without children running onto the field. So please let’s pay more attention to our children. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

what are you talking about?

I never saw anything of the sort happen there.

Anonymous said...

Why was I not warned there would be women in these pictures!!! MY EYES!!
I will never be the same again.
I cant believe you would allow and innocent person (ME!)be Nichshal in this Oifen!!!!!
Oy Vey!

Anonymous said...

wow! your never safe in Lakewood now someone can always take your pcture!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes there are perushim who are makpid not to look at pictures of women and kol hakavod to them. but those people are not surfing the internet. Your warnings about pictures of women are unnecessary and embarrassing.