Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yeedle Kumzitz In Lakewood

Singing songs from his latest album.

Lipa @ Oorah concert Chanukah

Yehuda Green in Lakewood Carlebach kumzitz

I know what your thinkin...'This must be an oooold video because it's outdoors'...??? You're right, but it's a Lakewood vid....and we're all about Lakewood stuff here ya know....!

Danziger Singing At Mekimi Chanukah Party this Chanukah

One of the many Mekimi Chanukah parties in Lakewood....Danziger and the Mekimi boys

Hold up @ gun point

There was a hold up last night @ the cash checking place on rt 9. A handgun was used in the robbery. No injuries were reported.