Sunday, May 31, 2009

Avi Solomon Campaigning At BMG

Photos below of Avi Solomon campaign papers plastered around BMG parking lot today.


Hachnosas Sefer Torah

Photos and videos below of the Bitton family Hachnosas Sefer Torah today, which went to Zichron Binyomin, attended by the Mashgiach R' Matisyahu Shlita.


Statement From Chief Lawson On New Police Bike

As reported here on The Lakewood Scoop, Lakewood was one of many NJ Police Departments to receive one of the new distributed Police bikes. Chief Robert C. Lawson made the following statement. The Lakewood Police Department is a recipient of a new patrol bicycle from the Newmann Foundation. The Chief stated: “We thank the Foundation for this gift and the opportunity to participate in honoring the memory of Officer Keith Neumann.” The bicycle will go into service with the Department’s Patrol Division. The bicycle patrols that have long been a feature in the downtown area have recently been expanded into many residential neighborhoods. Our patrol bikes provide an invaluable means of patrol for police personnel and we have used them extensively in many different communities within the township. The advantages of using the patrol bikes include: enabling an officer to interact with the public and more effectively perform community policing, providing a means to transverse heavily trafficked roads in our downtown business area, and stealth approaches when performing neighborhood crime prevention details. A side benefit to the officers is that through the physical conditioning they receive while riding the bike, they are in excellent physical condition. Typically, we will get several years out of our patrol bikes before they need an extensive overhaul since an officer will commonly ride up to 20 miles per shift. Deputy Chief Charles H. Smith and Officer Glenn Bressan attended the award ceremony and accepted the bicycle on behalf of the Lakewood Police Department.

Hachnosas Sefer Torah Today

Mr. & Mrs. Bitton of London, will be dedicating a Sefer Torah today in memory of his father R' Shimon Bitton Zatzal. The K'sivas Ha'osios will be taking place at the home of Rabbi & Mrs. Yosef Bitton, 82 East 9th Street and the procession will leave at 2:00 p.m to Congregation Zichron Binyomin, 701 Princeton Ave.

Ex-Mayor Cunliffe Seeks To Run As Independent For Lakewood Committee

The partisan races for seats on the Township Committee are uncontested for the primary election Tuesday, though candidates could encounter a third-party challenge from a recognizable face in November. Less than a year after he was pushed out for being what he called a political "lighting rod," Charles Cunliffe is circulating petitions to run as an independent, saying the Republican and Democratic parties have been "co-oped" by developers and landlords, among others. "They control the political activity in town on both sides of the aisle," he said Thursday. "We thought the only viable option would be to go with a third party." The former four-term committeeman and two-time mayor said he has built a sizable constituency, comprised mostly of senior voters who feel disenfranchised under the current government. Larry Simons, Cunliffe's campaign manager of sorts, said he hoped to recruit enough supporters to break from the "old-time politics" practiced by a Township Committee that he described as a "buddy system." "People speak out, but they're not being heard," Simons said. He cited as an example the committee's decision to cut the school budget by just 1.1 percent after voters defeated it. Read the full app article here.

BREAKING NEWS Fire At 7th And Lex

PHOTOS & VIDEOS below. BREAKING NEWS Several TLS reporters are currently on the scene of a fire at the corner of 7th and Lexington. Multiple FD PD and EMS units have just arrived on location to find heavy smoke coming out of the building. Most of the building has been evacuated at this time. We will keep you posted with any further details. Hatzolah has been requested to respond for mutual aid. Photos and videos will be posted soon.
U/D 1:05 a.m As of now, a few patients have been transported to KMC for smoke inhalation. Town hall has been opened up to accommodate the dozens of residents of the home, being transported by Bikur Cholim and Negba bus service.
U/D 2:47 a.m It was an electrical fire which started between the first and second floor. All emergency personnel have cleared the scene and all residents are back home. A big thank you must be given to: The LFD, LPD, Lakewood EMS, Hatzolah, Lakewood Volunteer First Aid Squad, Chaveirim, Bikur Cholim, Negba bus service and the OEM. Also, a big thank you to R' Menashe Miller for opening up Town Hall for the residents.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

BREAKING NEWS Bachur Assaulted

BREAKING NEWS: A Bachur from Rabbi Rosenblatt's Yeshiva was just assaulted. The Bachur from the Yeshiva, which is located on Joe Parker, in the Raintree area, was walking with a couple other Bachurim in front of the Golf View apartments, when they were approached by three black males who demanded money. The Bachurim said they didn't have any money on them being that it was just the Sabbath and subsequently one Bachur was punched in the face. PD is now arriving at the Yeshiva to investigate the incident. Hatzolah was not called.

LPD Officer Assaulted

TLS Exclusive: A Lakewood Police Officer on a call this evening, was assaulted. It started at approximately 8:45 p.m, when the officer was on a call on Dr. Martin Luther King Drive when he was approached by a black woman who was intoxicated. The woman threatened to harm the officer and then proceeded to attack him. The woman was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Erev Shavuos Shiur At Ateres Yeshaya

Photos below of the Erev Shavuos Shiur going on now at Ateres Yeshaya, given by Reb Simcha Bunim Cohen Shlita, with over 100 people in attendance. Photo Credits GB.

Gut Yom Tov From The Lakewood Scoop

We would like to take this moment to wish our thousands of readers a Chag Kosher Ve'sameach! We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you, our TLS fans for making us the # 1 Lakewood site! Since Pesach, we have Baruch Hashem tripled our daily readership and growing at a pace we never could have imagined! A special thank you must be given to the following TLS reporters, who work around the clock to get us the most accurate, on the minute news: TLS-001, TLS-02, TLS-03, TLS-06, TLS-07, TLS-15, TLS-23, TLS-44, TLS-48, TLS-60, TLS-C.S and SWM. Also, thank you all of those who anonymously send us in news tips and photos. We will not be updating our site from this evening until the evening of May 30th. Thank you and Gut Yom Tov!

Oorah's Erev Shavuos Pickle-Thon!

Photos below of Oorah giving out free pickles today! You can still pick up your free pickles until 5:00 p.m today at 421 W. County Line Rd.


Photos below.BREAKING NEWS A TLS reporter is currently on the scene of a serious MVA on Route 88 with one of the vehicles, a pickup truck, taking out a pole. The LFD and PD are on location as well as JCP&L. One patient has been transported to KMC in stable condition. Photos will be posted shortly.


N.J. Court Approves Major Shift In School Funding

New Jersey's Supreme Court has ruled the state's new system for funding schools is constitutional. Thursday's 5-0 ruling is the closest the court has come in 39 years of litigation to saying the state has found a way to provide a proper education for all children without special treatment for urban schools. There is one catch: The court says New Jersey must continue to make some extra money available to the 31 urban districts for at least three more years. The new funding system set up by the Corzine Administration seeks to subsidize all schools based largely on how many low-income students they have. That could eventually lead to lower spending in the poorer districts.

Counties: Rail Line Should Go To Red Bank

Significant progress was made on the proposed Monmouth-Ocean-Middlesex, or MOM, rail line after representatives of the three counties agreed on construction of a route from Ocean County to Red Bank, instead of to Monmouth Junction, ending years of stalemate. NJ Transit officials announced the compromise Wednesday. The line's southern terminus would be in Lakehurst, and it would run through Lakewood along existing freight tracks to join the North Jersey Coast Line in Red Bank. It also includes the possibility of a spur between Freehold and Farmingdale, and consideration of better bus service on routes 9 and 18. Read the entire app article here.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And The Winner Of The Misaskim Sefer Torah Is...!

The winner of the Misaskim Sefer Torah raffle is, Reb Moishe Hershkowitz from Brooklyn, the brother of Reb Mordechai Hershkowitz of BMG. The Lakewood Scoop was just notified by the Representative which sold the ticket and was told that Reb Moishe Hershkowitz, the son of Reb Yonah Hershkowitz Z'L, actually purchased the ticket Le'ilui Nishmas his father, during the Shloshim Seudah for his father. The Seudah took place on Monday, along with a Siyum Hashas at BMG, which was posted here on The Lakewood Scoop. May the K'sivas Sefer Torah be a Z'chus for Reb Yonah Z"L.

Strong Police Presence On Lexington

(Photo taken moments ago) The Lakewood Scoop is receiving many emails regarding the Police presence at the corner of Lexington and 2nd Street. We would like to remind our readers that the Click-it-or-ticket campaign is in full force and Police randomly choose different neighborhoods to target each day. There are numerous motorists being pulled over and ticketed for various violations, including expired registrations, seat belt and cell phone violations. The campaign is in effect until May 31st.

Readers' Scoop: Excuse Me, Is That Your Child In The Car?

(Below is an unedited letter submitted to us by a reader. TLS welcomes your letters at . The views are solely those of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views of TLS).

One day this week I went to the cleaners and when I got out of my car I noticed that in the car next to me there was a baby sitting in the car seat with no one watching it and the engine on! Did it ever occur to you that someone can get in to the car and drive off ?!? Yes, I waited for you to come out and timed how long you were inside for... OVER 10 minutes!!! You didn't check on your child once!!!! Do you realize that if someone were to report you c"v, your kids can be taken away from you?!? Just for running in to get your cleaners...You can get locked up...The 30 seconds you saved by not taking your child out of the car, could cost you hours upon hours of explaining in the police station...You could have the burden of dealing with the Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS)...even if you ran in for just 30 seconds. Please wake up!...Before it's too late.


A father who cares.

Free Pickles From Oorah Tomorrow!

(Click on image to enlarge) You can't beat free! Tomorrow, Erev Shavuous, from 11:00 a.m until 5:00 p.m, Oorah will be giving out free pickles for Yom Tov! You can pick up your free pickles at 421 W. County Line Road, (corner of Forest and W County Line). Also, if your kid got caught up in the latest business card collection craze, you can get some of the latest cucumber business cards there as well.

Segulah For Shavuos From Harav Elyashiv Shlita

(Click on image to enlarge) Attached, is a Segulah from Harav Elyashiv Shlita. The Segulah, which was said over from Harav Yitzchok Silberstien Shlita, Son-in-law of Harav Elyashiv Shlita, states, that Reb Elyashiv went to visit an ill person on Erev Shavuos and during the conversation, he repeated to him the Chazal which says, that at the time the Torah was given, all were healed from their sicknesses. R' Elyashiv Shlita then went on to say, that each year on Shavuos, that special Bracha returns. When the person asked R' Elyashiv Shlita when during the Yom Tov does this Bracha occur, R' Elyashiv responded, "During K'rias Ha'torah, when the Ba'al Korah says the Aseres Ha'dibros".

Military Lunch At Yussi's Grill

Photos and Exclusive video below of the military lunch which took place this afternoon at Yussi's Grill in Westgate. Chaplain Capt. Berdugo along with other Chaplains and Chapel Staff of the U.S Army, were invited by U.S. Air Force Reservist and Committeeman Menashe Miller, for a lunch in Lakewood.

Video has temporarily been removed.

Mazel Tov! Baby Boy To Duvy & Blima Perkowsky

Mazel Tov! Duvy & Blima Perkowsky President of Duvy's Media, would like to inform you that they will be making a Shalom Zachor this Friday night, the 2nd night of Shavuos, at their home, 216 Coventry Drive. The Bris will IY”H take place Tuesday at Park Terrace (Park and 2nd). Shachris at 7:30 a.m Bris at 8:10 a.m. Mazel Tov!

Free Grape Juice And Free Tie From The Swavecard People

It's no wonder there are over 2,000 Lakewood people signed up with this free card. Freebies and discounts can't harm! Here's another two great deals for all the Swavecard holders out there. Kosher Village is offering the following deal: Spend $5 and get a free bottle of Nature's Own grape juice. The Hat Box is also offering the following deal: Spend $50, and get a free tie! (any designer). These deals will expire on Tuesday June 2nd at closing time and are only valid if the Swavecard is presented at the time of purchase. To go to the free Swavecard sign up page, click here.

Motor Vehicle Commission Fees On The Rise

Despite receiving more than 900 comments from angry motorcycle riders, the state Motor Vehicle Commission's board Tuesday voted to increase more than two dozen of its fees effective July 6. The move is projected to generate $40 million to $60 million in added revenue for the state. Part of that will help close a projected $27 million deficit in the MVC's budget, but another $20 million will help balance the state budget for the coming year. Fees for copies of documents such as driver history abstracts and suspension or violation notices are rising to $15 from between $4 and $10 today. Fees for driver improvement and probationary driver programs rise from $100 to $150. Boat ownership certificates jump to $60 from $20 or $30. Commercial driver license exam permit fees go from $35 to $125. Read the full article from the app here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mesivta Keser Torah Of Belmar Dinner

Photos below of the Mesivta Keser Torah of Belmar dinner this evening at the Bais Yaakov hall on James Street, which was attended by the Novaminsker Rebbe Shlita.

Photo credits-TLS-48


Photos below BREAKING NEWS. A TLS reporter is currently on the scene of a van which smashed into a house on Countyline Road and Monmouth Ave. The van was hit by another car causing it to drive approximately 25 feet through the property and into the house. There are B'H no injuries to any parties involved. Photos will be posted shortly.


Area Home Prices Fall By Record 11.9 Percent

A widely watched index shows home prices fell at the sharpest rate ever in the first quarter. The Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller National Home Price index released today reported home prices tumbled by 19.1 percent in the first quarter, the most in its 21-year history. Home prices in the New York area fell 11.9 percent. In the New York area, which includes parts of New Jersey, prices are back to where they were in June 2004. Home prices have fallen 32.2 percent since peaking in the second quarter of 2006 and are at levels not seen since the end of 2002. The 20-city index fell by 18.7 percent in March from the year before and the 10-city index lost 18.6 percent. But the rate of decline for both indexes slowed for the second month in a row. The New York-area data includes information from Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Somerset, Sussex, Union and Warren counties in New Jersey. Ap.

URGENT Tehillim Needed For 4 Month Old

(Click on image to enlarge). The community is requested to please take a moment to say a Kapittel Tehillim for four month old Dovid Ben Chaya Rivka. The baby is reportedly in serious condition after falling down a flight of stairs yesterday. May he have a Refuah Shelaima.

Mazel Tov! Engagement Of Chayim Dovid Spiegel

(Photos below of vort)Mazel Tov! Lakewood First Aid and EMS would like to wish a heartfelt Mazel Tov to their squad member- Chayim Dovid Spiegel, L-570 and Chaveirim unit 52, upon his engagement to Yehudis Leah Gotlieb from Brooklyn. The vort will Iy'h take place this evening, at 729 East 5th, between Avenue F and Ditmas at 7:30 p.m. Mazel Tov!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Hachnosas Sefer Torah To White Oaks Shul

Photos and videos below of the Hachnosas Sefer Torah at the White Oaks Shul, Bais Medrash Tiferes Yisroel, which took place this evening. The Sefer Torah was donated by the Rov, Harav Yisroel Minzer Shlita.


Siyum Hashas At BMG For Shloshim Of Harav Yonah Hershkowitz Z'L

Photos below of the Sheloshim Siyum Hashas for Harav Yonah Herskowitz Z'L, father of BMG administrator, Harav Mordchai Hershkowitz, which was held today at the BMG and was attended by the Roshei Yeshiva Shlita.

Photo credits TLS-48

Harav Avrohom Schorr Shlita In Lakewood

Photos below of Harav Avrohom Schorr Shlita speaking about Shavuos today, at the Central Court shul.

Photo credits TLS-48

Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah At Ateres Yeshaya

Photos below of the Memorial Day Yarchei Kallah at Ateres Yeshaya. The speakers were, Harav Shmuel Felder Shlita and Rabbi Benzion Shafier of the Shmuz.

Photo credits -TLS-48

Bnos Bais Yaakov High School Purchases Building

The following is a statement from Bnos Bais Yaakov: With shevach v’ehodah L’hashem, Bnos Bais Yaakov High School of Lakewood is pleased to announce that they have purchased a building on Oberlin Avenue in Lakewood. Bnos Bais Yaakov was established in Lakewood three years ago, under the guidance of Rabbi Chaim Finkel, as dean, and Mrs. N. Finkel as Menaheles. Bnos Bais Yaakov’s chinuch program of the total integration and harmonization of ruach yisroel sabah, yiraas shomayim, academic excellence, and derech eretz has taken root in the fertile ground of Lakewood, Ir Hatorah. The new building will serve as the permanent home for its ever increasing student body.

Lakewood Police First In Ocean County For Automatic License Plate Reader

Chief Robert C. Lawson has announced that the Lakewood Police Department is the first law enforcement agency in Ocean County to deploy an Automatic License Plate Recognition equipped patrol vehicle. This new system—often referred to as ALPR, enables the comparison of vehicle license plates against a nation-wide database of stolen vehicles and wanted persons. The system uses a combination of cameras, optical character recognition technology and computer processors to “read” license plates and alert the officer to the presence of an offenders’ vehicle. Within seconds, the dual color and infrared cameras capture the license plate image and compare it to the daily updated database. The officer is alerted with an audible tone and color picture of the vehicle marked with the date, time and GPS coordinates of the contact. This information is displayed on the vehicles’ computer screen. The PAGIS®—Police-ALPR Graphic Interface System, is produced by PIPS Technology®, a division of Federal Signal Company and was installed by Lakewood based Quality Communications, Inc. Chief Lawson stated that the system will increase officer safety and efficiently by automatically providing an alert to potential criminal activity. “Our goal is always a safer environment for our citizens and the officers that protect them.” Pictured is the ALPR equipped patrol vehicle with Deputy Chief Frederick Capper and Officer Robert Desimone.

Memorial Day In Lakewood

Photos and videos below of the parade and services held today, in honor of Memorial Day. In addition to the Mayor, Committeemen and other local officials who attended the services, Lakewood had the honor to be joined by Chaplain Capt. Raphael Berdugo and Assemblymen Malone and Dancer. Committeeman and U.S Army Reservist Menashe Miller, was M.C.


Harav Yaakov Bender Shlita In Lakewood

Photos below of Harav Yaakov Bender Shlita giving a pre-Shavous Schmooze to Darchei Torah alumni last night, at the home of Joe Novaseller.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

BMG Roshei Yeshiva In Toronto This Evening

Exclusive photos below of the BMG Roshei Yeshiva Reb Dovid and Reb Malkiel Shlita as well as the Mashgiach Reb Matisyahu Shlita in Toronto, at the parlor meeting this evening at the home of R' Shlomo Zolty. (Thank you A.H.Y).

Senator Arlen Specter Visits BMG

Photos and video below of Senator Arlen Specter visiting BMG this afternoon, after the fundraiser dinner at the home of Casriel Roberts. The senator and his wife were given a tour of the new building and the Senator got a first hand learning experience in BMG by sitting down at a 'Shtender' and 'shmoozing' with the Bachurim!

Senator Arlen Specter At The Roberts Home

Photos and videos below of the fundraiser dinner held for Republican turned Democrat, Senator Arlen Specter, Senator of Pennsylvania, which took place this afternoon at Casriel Roberts' residence. Many officials and Askanim were in attendance including, Police Chief Rob Lawson, R' Aaron Kotler, Committeeman and Deputy Mayor Steve Langert, Committeeman Menashe Miller, P.G Waxman, R' Mordechai Hershkowitz and many others.


Hachnosas Sefer Torah Hearth Ct Shul

Photos and videos below of the Hachnosas Sefer Torah which was donated to the Hearth Court Shul this afternoon.


Chaplain Captain Raphael Berdugo Honored For Services Overseas

Photos below. Chaplain Capt. Raphael Berdugo was presented with a township resolution on Thursday, by Committeeman Menashe Miller, applauding him for his services done overseas at the various bases that he was at over Pesach. (See photos and videos of the trip here on The Lakewood Scoop). The Lakewood township governing body recognizes those residents that serve this country and publicly welcomes them back with a township thank you them upon their return.

Photo credits CM.

BMG Roshei Yeshiva And Mashgiach Shlita In Toronto

Exclusive photos and video below of the Roshei Yeshiva and Mashgiach Shlita in Toronto, at the Melaveh Malka last night, at the home of R' Avrohom Shmiel (Sammy) Gross. (Thank you H.M and A.H.Y)


Win A Sefer Torah Today

By now, unfortunately and fortunately, everyone has heard of Misaskim. Misaskim’s mission is to provide support and assistance to individuals experiencing crisis or tragedy by providing vital community services, which include safeguarding the dignity of the deceased, assisting the bereaved and supporting individuals during these times. Misaskim’s wide array of services include moral support and assistance with the many challenges during crisis or loss. Throughout life’s darkest moments, Misaskim is a source of light and warmth, encouragement and direction. Now is your chance to help out this amazing organization and a chance to win a Sefer Torah too! The raffle will be taking place today, Rosh Chodesh Sivan. To purchase a raffle, click here to be redirected to the Misaskim raffle page, or you can call 732-886-6352.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Utility Rates May Rise For Frequent Users

Use a lot of electricity? Some New Jerseyans who guzzle lots of power could pay even bigger utility bills this summer. It's part of a pilot program aimed at slashing consumption. Under the program, which runs from June through September, most Jersey Central Power & Light customers whose monthly usage tops 2,500 kilowatt hours would pay higher rates.nj.

Small Plane Crash At Allaire Airport

(Photo of Lakewood families at the airport). A pilot attempting to land a small plane at the Allaire airport, near Lakewood this morning escaped injury, when the landing gear apparently failed, causing the plane to crash. The fixed-wing single engine plane, piloted by 61-year-old Gerard Norkus of Brielle, ended up in a grassy area next to the runway at the airport. Many Lakewood families spend their Sundays at the airport watching the planes take off and land as well as parachuters jumping from planes.

Walter Goldeski "Kick Out Illegal Immigrants - Not Lakewood Tent City"

In response to a recent call to clean up tent city, which was posted here on The Lakewood Scoop, Walter Goldeski has his own opinion on the matter. "I have to differ with your opinion that in America we live by rules. Since when do we live by rules in New Jersey? If we live by rules in New Jersey as the editorial states, how do you explain running red lights and yield signs, violating drinking laws and electing Frank Lautenberg to the U.S. Senate? If we live by rules in New Jersey, how do you explain thousands of illegal immigrants living here? The 30 or 40 people living in a tent city in Lakewood do not cost the taxpayers the hundreds of thousands of dollars that illegal immigrants in New Jersey cost the taxpayers. It's okay to be here illegally, but not to live in a tent and not bother anyone. Somehow, I must have my priorities mixed up".
Walter Goldeski, East Brunswick.Sl.

Friday, May 22, 2009

BMG Roshei Yeshiva Headed To Toronto With Private Jet

Photos below of the Roshei Yeshiva Reb Yeruchem Shlita, Reb Dovid Shlita, Reb Malkiel Shlita and the Mashigiach Reb Matisyahu Shlita, headed to Toronto for Shabbos, this morning, with a private jet, which is owned by a Toronto philanthropist who wishes to remain anonymous.
Photos have been removed upon request.

Suspect Nabbed By Tracking Device In Bus Vandalizing

As reported here on The Lakewood Scoop a few weeks ago, a local Frum school bus company had their buses vandalized on Friday night, causing significant damage (see photos below). In addition he stole a cell phone from one of the buses. Not knowingly, the perpetrator stole a cell phone from the bus which contained within it a tracking device installed by Zev Toder and his company Transit Tracking. The perpetrator took the phone with him and when the bus company found out what happened on Monday morning they contacted Transit Tracking who was able to view the activity of the perpetrator due to the tracking device in the cell phone. Lakewood Police was contacted and they began their investigation. While it turns out that the tracking device was deactivated at some point, the perpetrator used the phone to make phone calls and the LPD was able to track him down through the people he called and make the arrest. On the same day as the arrest in Lakewood Transit Tracking was instrumental in the arrest of another individual in Boro Park who stole a cell phone from a school bus. That cell phone was a tracking device as well. The purpose of the tracking device is not only for incidents such as the aforementioned ones, but is also used for the efficiency of running a bus company. A bus company can track the progress of any bus at any given time and can report on its progress to parents or schools who need to know where the bus is at that time.

TLS-01/TLS-15 exclusive for Voice/Hamodia

Nicholas Montenegro Sworn In To Tax Board

After almost three months alone on the dais, P.G. Waxman, commissioner on the Ocean County Board of Taxation, has been joined by a second member. Nicholas Montenegro, an attorney from Point Pleasant, was sworn into office yesterday, by retired Superior Court Judge James D. Clyne. After the oath, Montenegro took his seat as the second commissioner on the panel, which still has five empty seats. The board hears property tax appeals from residents living in the county's 33 municipalities, acting as a quasi-judicial body. "He cleared his calendar for the next four months," quipped Waxman, who was also sworn in Thursday for a second, five-year term on the tax board. The board faces a daunting workload that includes hearing the appeals of 14,128 cases in 2009. By comparison, Bergen County — with the second-highest number of appeals and twice Ocean County's population — has just 8,000 cases this year. As the lone commissioner since March, Waxman could hear appeals — with the exception of those appeals in his hometown of Lakewood — but was barred by guidelines set forth from the state Attorney General's Office from rendering rulings on his own. (Click here for the full article from app.)

LCSW Member Gets Log Through Car Window

(The Following incident was just released to The Lakewood Scoop, by the LCSW member involved). A LCSW member was driving to Shul at about 9:00 p.m. Monday night, when he noticed approximately ten black hooded males walking through some properties in the Raintree area. When he grew a little suspicious about their behavior, he parked his car, shut his lights and called for backup. At that point, a few of those hooded males began walking towards his car. Before he had a chance to leave, a log came smashing through his driver side window, hitting him in the shoulder and ripping his jacket and shirt in the process. The Police were immediately called and showed up along with approximately ten LCSW units. One of the units noticed a few of the attackers run into the Golf View development, which is right off Joe Parker. Baruch Hashem, the LSCW unit did not sustain any serious injuries. The incident is currently being investigated by the Police. (TLS).

Baruch Dayan Ha'emes

(Photo of Levaya) Baruch Dayan Ha'emes. The Lakewood Scoop regrets to inform you of the petira of Rebetzin Rivka Newhouse a'h, the mother of Reb Eliezer(Ezzy), R'Shimon, R' Yehuda Leib Zatzal, R' Shragy Zatzal and R' Menashe. The daughters are married to, R' Waxman, R' Rottenberg, R' Zaks and R' Kravitz. Her husband, R' Avraham Newhouse Zatzal learned in Yeshivas Mir/Telshe and founded Bais Yaakov Elementary school of Williamsburg and laid groundwork for Bais Yaakov's all over the country. She was 86. The Levaya will be taking place this morning at 9:15 a.m. at the 7th Street Chapel. Yz'b.(TLS)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Admor Of Yareslov Shlita In Lakewood

Photos below of the Admor M'Yareslov, Harav Shloime Rokeach Shlita, Einekel of the earlier Belzer Rebbe Zatzal, visiting Lakewood this evening. A parlor was held at the home of Reb Shaul Simcha Friedman Shlita, Rav D'khal Shemen L'mincha of Brookhill.

Photo credits TLS-23

You Can Still Purchase Your 'Hey, You Never Know' Ticket

As The Lakewood Scoop reported here, the Motor Vehicle Commission offices across the state were closed on Monday as over 2,400 employees took a state-mandated furlough. Most state judges and many state workers agreed to take two days off without pay as part of a voluntary furlough as well. The unpaid days off is designed to help cut costs and balance the state budget in the recession. However, the New Jersey Lottery will hold its midday and evening drawings as usual on Friday, although the lottery offices will be closed due to the state worker furlough day. Lottery ticket sales will not be affected. Lottery spokesman Dominick DeMarco said results of the drawings will be posted on NJN television and on the lottery website. (Sl)

BREAKING NEWS Bais Shalom Evacuated Again

BREAKING NEWSThe Fire Department has just pulled up to Bais Shalom where it was evacuated for the second time in two weeks, this time for a strong gas odor in the Bais Medrash. We'll keep you posted with any further details.
U/D 1:57 p.m The fire Department has just notified PD, that the odor seems to have cleared and those evacuated were allowed back in. The gas company inspector has been requested to inspect the building.

Ocean County Police Academy Graduation Ceremony

Photos and videos below of the Ocean County Police Academy graduation ceremony which took place this morning at Georgian Court University, as hundreds of family members looked on. The classes which graduated, were class 92nd Basic Police Recruit Class and the 25th SLEO ll Recruit Class. In attendance, were Ocean County Board Of Chosen Freeholder John P. Kelly, Chairman of Law & Public Safety Joseph H. Vicari, Director, John C. Bartlett Jr. and Deputy Director James F. Lacey, Gerry P. Little. Many State Troopers, as well as high ranking Officers including Sergeant Frank Work of the Lakewood Police Department, who's family member graduated, also attended. Graduating Officers were from Ocean County Sheriff's Department, Toms River Police Department, Seaside Park Police Department, Pt. Pleasant Police Department, Ocean Township Police Department, Beach Haven Police Department, Bay Head Police Department and Ship Bottom Police Department.(TLS).


Tfillah From Shloh Hakodosh To Be Said Today

(Click on Tfillah to enlarge). This special Tfillah was composed by the Shloh Hakodosh to express the Tfillos of parents on behalf of their children. The Shloh said that the optimal time for parents to recite this Tfillah, is Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan, but it may be recited anytime. Since Erev Rosh Chodesh Sivan this year comes out on Shabbos, many are saying this Tfillah Mukdam, which is today.
Thank you TLS-60 and TLS-WM.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Photos And Videos Of The BMG Event

Photos and videos below of the BMG annual evening of Chizuk event. The winner of the raffle for the trip to Eretz Yisroel, is Yoel Charach!!


Isaac Honig/ Mezamrim.


Lakewood And Other NJ Police Departments Receive New Bikes

An anonymous donor made it possible for 101 police bicycles to be distributed to 89 New Jersey police departments, including Lakewood and one from Philadelphia in honor of a fallen police officer at the "20th Anniversary 101 Bike Awards" today at the Police Athletic League Complex in Parsippany. There were 101 bikes because 101 was Keith's badge number.While his life ended tragically, 20 years later Essex County police officer Keith Neumann's memory is living on in the hearts of his family and in the police community. "I am sure that Keith has the biggest grin in heaven," said his mother, Ellie Neumann, 71, who smiled during the ceremony and pressed a picture of her son against her. It's the photo taken two months before the 24-year-old Essex County police officer was accidentally shot and killed during a drug raid on Aug. 3, 1989, six weeks after he was married. The bicycles, such as the fully equipped 2009 Cannondale Police Mountain Bikes police received today, can cost around $1,000, and it took 13 years to raise enough money to acquire them. When they did, the family thought their work was done. But then a phone call came from someone offering to donate enough money to purchase another 101 bicycles. A week later, the anonymous donor, who doesn't even live in New Jersey, gave a check for $153,000. Today, many departments left with just one bike, but that one bike will enhance bike patrols throughout the state, officials said. Deputy Police Chief Charles (Chuck) Smith of Lakewood was grateful not only for the bike, but for Keith Neumann's valor in performing his duty. At the end of the ceremony, Smith kneeled down, took Ellie Neumann's hand into his palms and said, "Mrs. Neumann, thank you. Thank you for your son's service." (excerpts from Sl).

Tomchei Shabbos Of Lakewood Seeks Help From Trenton

At least 800 people packed the Trenton War Memorial yesterday, to learn how they could get a taste of the billions of dollars in federal stimulus money soon to be spread across New Jersey. Even organizers were taken aback by the throng that showed up for the informational session, at which participants had a chance to get advice from officials of the dozen or so federal agencies overseeing the $787 billion national stimulus program. In the back, sat J.S, who helps direct Tomchei Shabbos in Lakewood. He said the recession had caused a spike in the number of people who need food. "I am here," he said, "to see what kind of help we can get from the government." With 8.4 million people, New Jersey has 2.7 percent of the U.S. population, Corzine said, but will get 3.2 percent of stimulus funds - about $17.5 billion, including $7.3 billion in tax cuts for individuals and businesses. Frank R. Lautenberg called it "far more than our share."At least 300 of the people on hand were said to be local government officials looking for the keys to finding aid for their communities. TPI/TLS.

BREAKING NEWS Bais Faiga Update

EXCLUSIVE BREAKING. (Click on image to enlarge). As The Lakewood Scoop reported here on Monday, May 18, our reliable sources on both sides of the Bais Faiga controversy report that significant issues still separate the parties, despite the fact that some progress has been made. The Lakewood Scoop promised to keep our readers posted of developments, so we dug a little deeper, and discovered the specific issues still separating the parties. As of now, there are 14 issues in contention. These are listed in a document entitled "Talking Points", which is reproduced exactly, (all mistakes are in the original document). (TLS).

Frum Businesses To Advertise On Billboard Tonight

With thousands expected to attend the BMG Annual Evening of Chizuk event this evening, many Frum businesses and organizations are finding this a great opportunity to get the exposure they need, by advertising on the outdoor digital billboard, located near the Stadium, at the corner of Cedarbridge and New Hampshire. The Lakewood Scoop spoke with Infoshul, the ones arranging the deal and we were told, that from the limited slots allowed on the billboard, there are a just two available slots left. If you would like to reserve one of those slots, you can contact them at (Sign reads: Check The Scoop's Pix Tomorrow On Infoshul). (TLS).

Updated BREAKING NEWS Pedestrian Struck

Photos below BREAKING NEWS Hatzolah is responding to a call on Madison between 7th and 8th for a pedestrian struck. Medics are being dispatched at this time. We will keep you posted with further details.
U/D 8:20 a.m The bachur is being transported by Hatzolah medics to Jersey Shore hospital in Serious condition R'L. Traffic and Safety officials are on scene and CIU units are being requested. The Hispanic driver has been taken in for blood alcohol level testing.
U/D 9:20 a.m B'H the bachur is in stable condition at this time.
U/D 9:35 a.m Route 9 has been reopened in both directions.
U/D 9:48 a.m The name for tehillim is Betzalel Elisha Ben Reitza Baila.
U/D 5/21 1:38 a.m Baruch Hashem the bachur is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.


TONIGHT! The BMG Event Of The Year

You've seen the invitations, signs and posters all over town for the last couple of months...The BMG Annual Evening of Chizuk tent event is finally here! The event at the Blue Claws Stadium, will be starting at 9:00 p.m. sharp. Maariv will be at 9:20 p.m followed by a buffet dinner and then by the program at 10:15 p.m. The Roshei Hayeshiva Shlita will deliver Divrei Zichron followed by Divrei Zichron for Hagaon Reb Elya Svei Zatzal, by Reb Meir Tzvi Bergman Shlita, who is the son in law of Hagaon Reb Shach Zatzal. The event Chairman is, Reb Tzvi Tress from Toronto, son of Mike Tress Zatzal. A special audio-visual presentation will be shown with Divrei Bracha from Gedolei Eretz Yisroel. The raffle drawing will take place at 11:20 p.m.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom Dinner

Photos below of the Talmud Torah Bais Avrohom dinner, which took place this evening at Lake Terrace.

Photos credits TLS-48

Say Goodbye To Your Property Tax Rebate (Unless You're A Senior)

Property tax rebates will be suspended this year for homeowners except senior citizens under Gov. Jon S. Corzine's revised budget proposal, state Treasurer David Rousseau told the Assembly Budget Committee today. The change would save the deficit-riddled state budget $459 million. Corzine's original budget proposal limited rebates to households with incomes under $75,000, but now 510,000 more households would lose rebates averaging $670 to $890. "Unfortunately, due to the severe revenue decline, we're going to have to suspend for this year the rebates to nonseniors," Rousseau said. That is among $1.6 billion in changes to the budget revealed today. State spending in fiscal 2010 is estimated at $28.6 billion under the new budget plan. The proposed surcharge on income taxes paid by the wealthy is being expanded. Taxpayers with incomes of $400,000 or more would be affected, rather than those at $500,000 and above. And a higher surcharge would apply to incomes over $1 million. The Corzine administration is also now projecting it will collect $200 million in delinquent taxes through its amnesty program, up from the $100 million that was first projected. That money would help balance the current budget, which ends June 30. App.

National Emergency Medical Services Week

May 18th - 23rd is a time when members of the local Emergency Medical Services reflect on the accomplishments of the past and plan for the future as this week is designated as National Emergency Medical Services week. Lakewood Township EMS as it enters into its 30th year of serving residents and guests of the community, are proud to acknowledge this years theme "Partners in the Community". The EMS Department of Lakewood, which works with the Lakewood Volunteer First Aid squad and Hatzolah EMS maintains this partnership in handling all aspects of the 911 system within the township. The EMS department in 2008 responded to 5,578 calls for service with the two township ambulances and first responder unit located on Pine street. In addition to the life saving measures, Lakewood EMS provides in house education to all of the EMT and Paramedic staff as required by the State of New Jersey and the Federal Government. Training is completed through the newly established training center offering a variety of training capabilities to area businesses, along with school and civic organization presentations.(TLS).

Get Free Milk And Free Raincoat

Just last week, The Lakewood Scoop posted a great deal on Ecco shoes from the Hat Box, with $91 dollars in savings. As we posted, that deal has expired yesterday. However, here's another two great deals for all the Swavecard holders out there. Kosher Village is offering the following deal: Spend $5 and get a free bottle of milk. (Pride of the Farm. There will be a 10 cent charge for all other brands). The Hat Box is also offering the following deal: Buy any Borsalino hat and get a free Hama'il. If you're wondering what that is, it's that plasticky raincoat that covers you and your hat or streimel.($29.95 value). These deals are for one week only, they will expire Monday May 25th at closing time and are only valid if the Swavecard is presented at the time of purchase. To go to the free Swavecard sign up page, click here.

Readers' Scoop: Evening 'Of Fear'

(Below is an unedited letter submitted to us by a reader. TLS welcomes your letters at . The views are solely those of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views of TLS).

On very rare occasions, I get together with a friend to attend an evening function here in Lakewood. Being that i don't do this often, I carefully choose which events I would like to attend. However, each year, my list of options is being shortened, ruling out one after another. It's not that I'm so particular, I just strongly believe that organizers of events are doing women a great disservice! All I ask when I attend is for an entertaining, inspirational and enjoyable evening. What I get in return, is horrific stories of nightmarish proportions, speeches that make me depressed and visions which take months to erase from my mind. Why, may I ask, is it necessary to frighten and scare and sadden an entire audience of women? Much can be accomplished through fear, but more so through humor, fun and good cheer. Why must a Tznius symposium turn into heartrending personal tails of woe? We are all exposed to more than our share of sadness and gloom. When I go out at night, I want a break from sad realities. So far, the only function I plan to re-attend, would be Zichron Shloime, for they realize and appreciate a woman's need of joy and entertainment.


Faigy K. Lakewood.

BREAKING NEWS Fire At Breslov Shul

Just in. A fire has just broken out at the Breslov Shteebel, which is in a basement on 6th Street between Forest and Madison. The people living upstairs smelled smoke and ran downstairs to check. Apparently the fire started from a candle burning in the Shul. One of the occupants grabbed a fire extinguisher and quickly put it out, but not before burning parts of the Aron Kodesh and Amud.
U/D 1:55 a.m. FD has arrived moments ago. There is heavy smoke coming from the Shul at this time.
U/D 2:05 a.m. The FD is currently ventilating the Shul. B'H all occupants made it out safely and the Sifrei Torah were unharmed.

Monday, May 18, 2009

LPD Arrest Gang Members

The Lakewood Police Department isn't only cracking down on seat belt violations these days. Shortly after 1:00 a.m this morning, Lakewood Police received a call of suspicious behavior at the amphitheatre on North Lake Drive. Police responded and caught two members of a well know gang spray-painting the theatre. They were both arrested. The Officers responsible for the arrest, are: N.M, J.V and L.N. Another job well done by Lakewoods' Finest.(TLS).

$5,000 Reward Offered For Arsonist(s)

The Lakewood Scoop was asked to post the following: There is a $5000.00 reward being offered for anyone who gives information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the individual(s) responsible for the arson fire at 825 East End Ave. As reported here on The Lakewood Scoop, a fire ripped through a home on Tuesday, Chol Hamoed Pesach, April 14th, causing extensive damage. It was the home of Shua Finkelstien z'l. Anyone with any information is asked to please call Detective Tom Haskall at (732) 929-2027 Ext. 3953.

UPDATED C.I.O.T Campaign In Full Force

Notice. Tens of readers have been contacting us today regarding the Police presence on Route 9. One reader has just notified us, that there have been 5 cars pulled over in a matter of minutes, near the Welsh Farms store/New Berishs Grill. The Lakewood Scoop is reminding our readers, that when the Police give you a 'heads up' about a campaign, they take it very seriously. There have been dozens of tickets handed down in the last couple of hours for cell phones, seat belts and expired registrations. So, for your own safety and to save yourself the hassle, make sure you're not violating any of the above laws.
U/D 10:19 p.m As per C.M.M, there was approximately 80 tickets given during today's ticket blitz, including 20 by State Troopers and 60 by LPD. Additionally, over 15 cars have been towed due to expired registration.