Saturday, January 31, 2009

Emergency Chinuch Atzmai gathering going on now.

Going on now in Bais Faiga.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lakewood OEM Demonstrating for Chaveirim and EMS

Lakewood OEM (Office Emergency Management) demonstrated today, for Chaveirim and EMS members, how to pull someone out of icy waters. Just last week, TLS reported about children who were playing on a frozen pond which started cracking and were rescued by Chaveirim members.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Major Chutzpah of new 'Energyz' gym in Lakewood

Well, if you were thinking about joining the new Energyz (Former Trim Gym) in Lakewood, located in the Shop Rite plaza, you may just want to re-think it. TLS just spoke to someone who went to the former trim gym, which was just purchased by a goy along with the Kosher Gym of Flatbush, to sign up with them. This is what he told us:

First, if you would like to cancel a registration, you would have to send your letter via registered mail to some place in Utah.

2)If, for some reason, you dispute a charge, first thing is, you will be charged a "Research Processing Fee" of a whopping $150 dollars, just for having the 'nerve' to dispute a charge!

3) And the biggest Chutzpah is, after they removed the pool, wanting to make two separate sections, a frum disabled woman from Lakewood told them how much she needed the pool and how much she'll miss it, their answer was " We're here to make money, not to help people".

If you still want to join a gym with such obnoxious people, go ahead. In my humble opinion, we should let them know how unacceptable their behavior and policies are.

Bikur Cholim saftey statues all around town.

They started off around Kol Shimshon area, these things are all over the place. We gotta give a big thanks to Bikur Cholim of Lakewood for making this project happen. It's unfortunate that it had to take more than one life until it got underway, but better late than never.

Lakewood-Van warming up, stolen.

7:30 a.m, Chaveirim received a call to please be on the lookout for a tan/light brown 2000 Sienna with license plate beginning with JPS, which was stolen from the Marc Dr. area. The owner had turned on his van to warm it up, but when he came back out, it was gone. Anyone with information is asked to call PD immediately. We urge people to use caution, especially on the colder days when burglars are on the lookout for situations like these.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chinuch Atzmaei to hold emergency meeting in Lakewood

Due to the recent cutback on bulletproof busing for approximately 10,000 Chinuch Atmaei children in Israel, they will be holding an emergency meeting this coming Motzei Shabbos at 9:30 in Bais Faiga.

The meeting will be attended by many rosh hayeshivos and rabbonim including Rav Shechter from Boro Park, The Novaminska rov and many others. See this coming weeks Voice Of Lakewood weekly magazine for more details.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lakewood- Hit and run on Madison Ave.

There has just been a MVA on Madison and 8th. Hatzolah is on the scene and has just notified the dispatcher that a red car which was involved, had fled the scene and is headed down Rt 9 South.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Shabbos Break-ins in Lakewood.

Friday night was once again not a pretty site for many homeowners in the East 7th area. There were approximately five break-ins in just a single development.TLS spoke to a homeowner which said " I didn't even realize I was burglarized until after Shabbos". "When I went into my study and noticed my wallet, blackberry, watch, wifes pocketbook and keys were all missing, I knew I was a victim" he told us.

The Lakewood Scoop also spoke to Police Officer Michael Young who responded to the calls. He told TLS, that it seems like it was the same group or individual who targeted all these houses, being that it was the same window broken into, in each house. The lock from that specific window was broken and they just slipped in without being detected.

TLS has also learned, that in one house, a young girl heard some noise while walking in the hallway upstairs-and seems like the burglar had also heard something, and fled.

Patrols and have been stepped up in the area.

Gelbwachs shul Melave Malka Beis Medrash Ner Yisroel

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baruch Dayan Haemes

With profound sadness we inform you of the sudden and untimely passing of Haisha Hatzidkonis Rebetzin Cheryl Feldberger z'l of Denver CO and Borough Park. She is survived by Yibodlu Lichaim Tovem her mother Philanthropist Mrs. Miriam Beren, her husband Baal Michaber Sefer Klolem al hilchos shabbos Rabbi Yicheskel Feldberger, her brother Mr. Shea Beren of Lakewood, her sister Mrs. Dina Grossman of Lakewood, her three daughters,one son and hundreds of others who relied upon her love and care. She is the daughter of Rabbi Yosef Levitan ZT"L famed and beloved teacher in Yeshivas Torah Vedaas.The Levaya will be On Friday morning, 9:00am @ Shomrei Hadas

Lakewood- Video of Lexington Tower Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Many officials took part in the ribbon cutting ceremony a few hours ago, of the new Lexington Tower in Lakewood, located on Second Street between Lexington and Clifton. The Tower, is a Class A office building including tenants like First Meridian Mortgage (Branch manager Jack Buchler -732-905-9600) The Voice Of Lakewood (732-901-5746) , Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein's management company (who manages the property) Imperial Real Estate (Asher Zelig Brodt) just to name a few.

Mayor Bob Singer, Freeholder Little, Committeeman Ray Coles, Police Chief Rob Lawson, Meir Lichtenstein, Menashe Miller are just some of the officials who attended the event.

After the ribbon cutting, all were invited to a beautiful brunch provided by Yossi Weiss of Yussi's Deli, which is located around the corner. (Anyone looking to lease some of the few remaining offices, can contact Asher Zelig Brodt at Imperial Real Estate at 732-905-5511.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Urgent notice from the Tomchei Tzedaka of Lakewood

An individual came collecting today here in Lakewood with his gabai. He claimed to be the Av Beis Din from Netanya and that he has a bunch of Kollelim that he runs. When someone gave the gabai an $18 check this Rebbe starting screaming at him for taking it, said he is too choshuv for $18 and gave it back.

We are quite sure that this is Shlomo Yechezkel from Netanya, an individual to whom we issued an ishur in 2007 based on a reference from someone here in Lakewood. Subsequently, our Israeli contacts cast very serious doubt on his story. In addition, his claims to be a Mikubal and Poel Yeshoes is a cause of laughter to our Israeli counterparts.

Please do not give this person any money based on his old Tomchei Tzedakos ishur. Furthermore, if you have any further information about him, please let us know as soon as possible. He is very choshuv-looking, wears a down hat and has a long white beard.

Thank you,
Tomche Tzedaka of Lakewood

Monday, January 19, 2009

BREAKING NEWS:::Lakewood-Person shot in Woodlake

We are getting word of a person shot in Woodlake Manor area, which is right off New Hampshire. PD on location requesting CIU. We will keep you posted with any further details.

U/D Man was shot in the leg and drove himself to Kimbal Medical Center.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shloime Daskal Singing at the Bonei Olam dinner in Lakewood this evening

Shloime Daskal singing at the Bonei Olam dinner this evening in Lake Terrace, with a couple thousand people in attendance. As usual, his singing was outta this world. The first song is from his new album (which you can purchase by clicking here). He also sang the famous Anovim song , which MBD sings on Yossi Greens latest album The 8th Note (which can be purchased here).

Lakewood: Bonei Olam Dinner - TONIGHT

The much anticipated Bonei Olam of Lakewood 5th anniversary dinner will take place TONIGHT in Lake Terrace.

The Lakewood community is eagerly awaiting the arrival of Maran HaRav Chaim Stein Shlita, Telzer Rosh HaYeshiva who has made the special - and difficult- trip from Cleveland specifically at the invitation of Bonei Olam. The Rosh Yeshiva’s admiration for the work of Bonei Olam is well known, and there is hardly anything the Rosh Hayeshiva wouldn’t do for Bonei Olam.

The reception will begin at 5:45 followed by the program. Birchas Hamazon will be at 9:00 promptly.

The entire Lakewood community is urged to attend. No prior reservations or admission is required.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Children playing on frozen pond rescued

Hatzolah, PD and Chaveirim have just rescued a few children from a pond on Caldwell, after the pond they were playing on started cracking.All the children are B'H ok.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

MVA's In Lakewood in the last couple hours/PED Killed

There were quite a bit of MVA's in Lakewood today including one pedestrian struck and killed.

There was an MVA @ 10th & Madison (Hit n run), Madison and Shop Rite plaza area, River & Spruce, Pedestrian struck & killed on River Ave @ Kimball hopital.Medevac was called but was unable to fly due to weather conditions. Patient died shortly afterwards.

As we post, there was just another MVA on Kennedy & Rt 9.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Shooting in Lakewood

There has been a shooting @ 418 Warren St with one person shot in the leg. Police are on scene looking for 2 males with face masks.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Swearing in of officials in Lakewood today

Swearing in of Steve Langert as commiteeman and as Deputy Mayor, Senator Bob Singer was sworn in as Mayor. Boy singing National Anthem is the son of Steve Langert.