Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Protest Breaks Out As Board Votes New Superintendent

The school board voted in Lydia Silva this evening as permanent superintendent, more than a year after Edward Luick retired and Lakewood native Eugenia Lawson took over temporarily. The board members were considering four finalists: acting Superintendent Lawson; Assistant Superintendent William Andersen; Art Stellar, a longtime superintendent currently in the Boston area, and Lydia Silva, an assistant superintendent for Newark public schools. Board President Chet Galdo cited the urgency of appointing a candidate tonight. Lawson has been serving since Luick's retirement in June 2008. Her contract, which was already extended once in June, expires July 31.
PROTEST: After the vote, dozens of Eugenia Lawson supporters gathered in front of the BOE building to protest the vote. Police arrived to ensure no violence erupted. The crowd eventually dispersed.
TLS-CCP/Zach Patberg APP.

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