Thursday, July 23, 2009

Triple Simcha In Taplin Family

Mazel Tov!! The Lakewood Scoop team would like to wish a big Mazel Tov to the family of Harav Hagaon Reb Yisroel Taplin Shlita upon the three Simchos the family will be celebrating this Shabbos. R' Avrohom Noach will be making a Bar Mitzvah for his son and R' Ahron and R' Binyomin will both be making a Shalom Zachor. Reb Yisroel Taplin Shlita is from the Chashuvei BMG, who has been in BMG for nearly 50 years. May the family continue to see much Nachas from these children and from the rest of the family. Mazel Tov!

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Lakewooder said...

Bli Ayin Hora! May they and the rest of klal yisroel only share each others simchos!