Saturday, July 4, 2009

Senator Singer On Tax Appeals: “We’ve been absolutely getting killed”

Homeowners across the country are challenging their property tax bills in droves as the value of their homes drop, threatening local governments with another big drain on their budgets. Peggy Tombro listed her New Jersey house for less than the assessed value, but her taxes are rising. The requests are coming in record numbers, from owners of $10 million estates and one-bedroom bungalows, from residents of the high-tax enclaves surrounding New York City, and from taxpayers in the Rust Belt and states like Arizona, Florida and California, where whole towns have been devastated by the housing bust. “It’s worthy of a Dickens story,” said Gus Kramer, the assessor in Contra Costa County, Calif., outside San Francisco. “These people are desperate. They know their home’s gone down in value. They’ve watched their neighborhoods being boarded up. They literally stand in there and say: ‘When can I have my refund check? I need to feed my family. I need to pay my electric bill.’ ”. Read full NYT article here.

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Anonymous said...

just stop wasting money, tax appeals dont cost you money it spreads it out evenly and fairly