Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Senator / Mayor Singer And Chief Lawson Visit Tent City

PHOTOS & EXCLUSIVE VIDEO below of Senator and Mayor Bob Singer, Police Chief Rob Lawson and Fair Housing Officer Mike McNeil of STEPS visiting Tent City this afternoon, in a continuous effort to find shelter for the approximately 35 homeless and bring an end to the camp, where several have been injured in fires over the last few months. The Lakewood Township Committee has given a grant (out of federal funds) to Solutions To End Poverty Soon (STEPS), a statewide organization that advocates for minority housing and employment. The grant is expected to provide services and permanent housing to the residents of the tent cities. The Mayor told The Lakewood Scoop, "We want to work with them and not bang heads". "We will bring this thing to an end-we understand their circumstances and are trying to work with them to find them proper accommodations" he said. He added-"However, I made it clear to Minister Steven Brigham, (a Lakewood minister who has spent a decade helping the local homeless ) that if there is any growth in this camp-it will be ended promptly". Also see Mayor Singer speaking about the fire dangers which the camp faces in the dry summer weather and the danger it can mean to the surrounding areas, aside from the sanitary and environmental issues involved. (TLS)


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