Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Free Isaac Honig And Mezamrim A Cappella Download For 3 Weeks

FREE audio download of Isaac Honig and Mezamrim singing at this past BMG evening of Chizuk event. Please note: Although there is no music in this audio clip, we advise you to contact your Rav prior to listening to this form of music in the 3 weeks. Also note, this music is from the video taken by TLS. (Click on the Shua Kessin ad banner on the side for the free download which Shua released a few days ago).


Ben Torah said...

"Many authorities even prohibit acapella style music,which is without instruments, rather with sounds made by mouth to mimic instruments. Some authorities are lenient with this kind of recording. But it is best to be stringent if possible. (See Shu"t Shevet Haleivi Vol. 8 Siman 127:2, Shu"t Tzitz Eliezer Vol. 15 Siman33:2. See also Sefer Ishei Yisroel page 765 who quotes Rav Chaim Kanievsky Shlita who is stringent. Rav Ovadiya Yoseph Shlita in Shu"t Yechave Da'as Vol. 3 Siman 30 is also stringent)

Copied from http://halachafortoday.com/QandApage7.aspx question #314

Anonymous said...

did something just happen to a 3 year old girl

Anonymous said...

Ben Torah:

"Many authorities ALSO prohibit the internet, and ESPECIALLY blogs ... "

Maybe you shouldn't be picking and choosing and judging and telling others what to do.

Anonymous said...

A Capella is one if the 3 cardinal sins according to some Poiskim.
Mezonos rolls is another one.