Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally Some Good Gas News

Gas prices in New Jersey have been falling, and AAA Mid-Atlantic said it expects the trend to continue for the remainder of the summer. The average price of a gallon of gas now stands at $2.43 in the Garden State. That's 14 cents cheaper than the 2009 high, which came on June 21. This time last year, New Jerseyans were paying an average of $3.99 a gallon. AAA said today that the national average has fallen to $2.50 for the first time since May 31. Falling oil prices worldwide are driving the downward trend. Oil was trading at $60 a barrel early Wednesday. That compares to $147 a barrel last July. AP


bar ilan said...

its a big shaila of matza bichdei achilas pras i have spoken about this extensively

Anonymous said...

B'H, ever since Obama took office, gas prices have been going down.