Monday, July 13, 2009

Burglar Has A Knife? No Problem

The case of a Union County woman will be sent back to trial after the state Supreme Court ruled today that robbers with knives -instead of firearms -must intend to use their weapon in order to be charged with a first-degree crime. "If the weapon is not a firearm, but an object with legitimate uses, for example, a paperweight or a pair of scissors, its use or intended use will determine whether it meets the deadly weapon standard," said the court. The case involved an Elizabeth woman, Maribel Rolon, who was convicted of first-degree robbery after she attempted to steal money from a restaurant while carrying a folding pocket knife in her pocket. Read full Statehouse Bureau report here.

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Anonymous said...

UH hello a knife is more deadly than a gun there is no argument on this fact. so i'm not sure why they ruled this way, maybe because the knife was left in her pocket the whole time without being brandished