Sunday, July 5, 2009

ASSAULT In Chestnut

JUST IN-ASSAULT: EMS is currently transporting an assault victim from Anthony Court-(Chestnut area), which occurred moments ago as a result of a prior fight on Albert Court. Police are on the scene and are searching the area for the suspects who struck the victim in the head with a brick. We will keep you updated with any further details.


a poshiter yid said...

Get these beaners (mexicans) outta lkwd alreay. U landlords r killing this town!

Anonymous said...

its July 4th parties.

Anonymous said...

Hey poshiter yid -
Mexicans can read English too.
Thanks for stirring them up some

Anonymous said...

Why post Anti-Mexican comments in

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think it's the Mexicans that ruin this town. By and large they are hard working people that just want a better life than what they had back home. The majority of VIOLENT crime is not perpetrated by Mexicans. I think there are others who are mainly at fault for the mess in Lakewood. Who do you think is coming back and forth from Asbury Park to Lakewood? I won't go into much more detail and I'll leave it to others to debate the topic.