Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Rules At Route 70 & Chambers Bridge To End Congestion

A series of traffic changes are set to be implemented later this month now that engineers have said that the key to fixing traffic here is the Chambers Bridge Road and Route 70 intersection, according to a study released Tuesday. The traffic changes will be effective June 23. Engineers from Birdsall Engineering, Eatontown, claimed they have solved the township retail district's traffic congestion problem to the extent that there will be no backups along Route 70, even during the morning and afternoon rushes. "You just have too much trying to fit through there," said Frank A. Miskovich, Birdsall vice president of Transportation Services. Solving the congestion problem doesn't involve building more lanes, more jug handles or completely rebuilding Route 70, but it might get a bit complicated. Read full APP article here.

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