Tuesday, June 30, 2009

EPA gives N.J.,13 Other States Green Light To Adopt Tougher Auto Emission Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency today gave the go-ahead for 14 states, including New Jersey, to adopt stricter auto emission standards to curb green house gases. The decision could lay the groundwork for a national model President Obama has promised to put into place to combat global warming. New Jersey, along with 13 other states and the District of Columbia, joined California's long sought after waiver to the national Clean Air Act to set up tighter restrictions on car and trucks sold in the state. The waiver, which was requested in 2005, had been denied by the EPA under former President George W. Bush. Read full Star Ledger report here.

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Anonymous said...

how about tougher emmision standards on all the smoke and idiocy w
that comes out of these sick poloticians including obama maybe if we curb the gasses that come out of them we will live in a better environment.