Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Don't Like Mosquitos? You're Not Alone

With a bumper crop of the pesky, biting bugs breeding in the rain-soaked state, exterminators are taking the battle to swamps, wetlands and river flood plains statewide to try and stem the tide of a massive mosquito invasion this summer. Despite their best efforts, mosquito experts are a bit pessimistic, suggesting people buy plenty of bug repellant and prepare to get bit a lot if you go outdoors. "It's not just that it's been wet, but the cooler weather is giving mosquitos more time to develop. So, we're seeing more mosquitos, and they are bigger than usual," said Bob Kent, administrator of the state's Office of Mosquito Control Coordination. But neither Kent nor other mosquito fighters are about to cede control of the state to Aedes Vexans, or any of the other approximately 40 species of mosquito that live in New Jersey. They are working overtime to prevent larvae from hatching and trying to exterminate those that have made it to adulthood. Read the full article from the Star Ledger here.

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