Monday, June 15, 2009

Special Bris At BMG This Morning

Photos below of the Bris of the son of R' Issar Olshin and grandson of the Rosh Hayeshiva Reb Yeruchem Shlita, which took place this morning in BMG. R' Issar Olshin is the son in law of Harav Elya Sorotzkin Shlita, the Rosh Hayeshiva of Springfield Yeshiva and who is the son in law of the late Mirrer Rosh Hayeshiva Harav Shmuel Birnbaum Zatza’l after who the baby was named.



Anonymous said...

Very nice. but what was so special about this bris more than another bris?

Anonymous said...

there was some thing very special that can not be publisized (a mofos) of the rosh yeshiva zatza'l)

Anonymous said...

Calling this bris "special" insults all other brissin