Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good News For Westgate Area Residents

The following is a quote from the Traffic & Safety Division of the LPD. We have reviewed the construction plans for the anticipated reconstruction job of Rt. 528 (Lakewood New Egypt Road / Central Avenue). This reconstruction will include the intersections of Hope Chapel Road, Cross Street, Hillside Boulevard (Westgate) and Gudz Road. No road closures are anticipated but the extent of reconstruction is enormous. The contractor is expected to maintain two lanes at all times but motorists should expect delays, particularly at times of rush hour. The County indicates the work will begin “soon” but we have no exact start date. When we have one we will let you know.


Hust A Shmasser said...

What is the difference it takes like an hour anyway to get there from Rt. 9. But now I guess they can give it a special name> Like Presslar memorial pkwy, or Lichtenstein - Miller crossing (more like double crossing) maybe Buff expressway? all good names I'm sure thell figure it out.

Anonymous said...

Presslar was a Sonei Yisroel.