Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Click It Or Ticket Campaign Results

So you thought you were the only one ticketed during the latest blitz? You weren't! A total of 208 summonses were issued during this detail, mostly for seat belt violations. Although we don't have the exact number of cars towed for expired registrations, there were over 15 cars which were towed on the 18th of May, the first day of the campaign, which was reported here on The Lakewood Scoop. As Chief Lawson put it "Hopefully, people will get the word on this as their safety is so much enhanced by the use of seat belts". A LPD Officer who wishes to remain anonymous told The Lakewood Scoop "Years ago, I only wore my seat belt occasionally, however, after becoming a police officer and witnessing first hand motorists involved in accidents who were severely injured and killed from not wearing their seat belt, I was sold on it and have worn my seat belt religiously ever since.

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