Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Proposed Budget Cuts To Medicaid Threatens Adult Day Care Centers

In an effort close a multi billion-dollar budget gap, the Corzine administration has proposed reducing the daily reimbursement rate for adult medical day care facilities by 19 percent, from $86 to $70. "We already have problems covering gas, food, payroll, activities and utilities," said Nancy Lukas, and administrator at adult day care center Home Sweet Home. "This cut will devastate the industry and the seniors who rely upon these services."As that notion has caught on, the number of adult day care centers in the state has nearly doubled since 1997, when there were just 67. Today, some 12,000 New Jerseyans take advantage of adult day care. David Pascrell, a lobbyist for the New Jersey Adult Day Services Association, said 5,000 of those people have written letters to Gov. Jon Corzine urging him to reconsider the proposed cut. Read full article in Star Ledger.

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