Thursday, June 4, 2009

BREAKING NEWS Major MVA On New Hampshire

Photos & Videos below BREAKING NEWS A TLS is reporter is currently on the scene of a major MVA on New Hampshire with 2 cars completely totalled. Hatzolah, EMS and LFD are currently working on extricating one patient. Photos and video will be posted shortly.
U/D 9:50 a.m. Miraculously, both made it out with non-life threatening injuries. One patient is being transported to Brick hospital and the other to Jersey Shore both in stable condition. One of the cars involved, is a County vehicle.




Anonymous said...

I don't c any buff units in the pics ! They must be by onother call

Anonymous said...

it was raining so he took the pictures and videos from his car which is why u don't see the buffs cars in the pics also most of them were probably sleeping, notice what time the accident happened.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what these buff guys do for a living ? I never met them but I keep hearing about them it must be pretty funny to c them in action but in truth let them have a good time if it makes them happy unless they get in the way of the "real" guys

Anonymous said...

Why are peaple always bashing the buffs they are always here 2 help
The buffs have a lot of time on there hands so they do good things wen there bored the units are gonna get a lot of shecar in the next world

Btw I heard the buffs shut down is it true

Anonymous said...

if i may respectfully add it appears Lakewood First Aid's Extrication team was on scene as well which was not added