Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And The Winner Of The Misaskim Sefer Torah Is...!

The winner of the Misaskim Sefer Torah raffle is, Reb Moishe Hershkowitz from Brooklyn, the brother of Reb Mordechai Hershkowitz of BMG. The Lakewood Scoop was just notified by the Representative which sold the ticket and was told that Reb Moishe Hershkowitz, the son of Reb Yonah Hershkowitz Z'L, actually purchased the ticket Le'ilui Nishmas his father, during the Shloshim Seudah for his father. The Seudah took place on Monday, along with a Siyum Hashas at BMG, which was posted here on The Lakewood Scoop. May the K'sivas Sefer Torah be a Z'chus for Reb Yonah Z"L.

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Anonymous said...

What good news! Im so happy for him. Misaskim is a wonderful organization that do so much for the tzibur behind the seen.