Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swavecard Adds Another Two Stores

Swavecard has just added Bagel spot and Latteria to their list of participating stores. Both stores are offering 10% discounts to Swavecard members. Swavecard is constantly working to negotiate great deals for its members. Membership is completely free. Here is what one Swavecard member had to say: “Swavecard has already saved me quite a bit of money. From baby furniture at Piccolino to a good sandwich at On the Grill, Swavecard’s discounts are really helping, and best of all its free”. It's very simple to sign up. (The Lakewood Scoop has, that's why were so excited about it!). You can sign up Online in just a 30 seconds! You will receive your Swavecard in 7-10 days. All that you have to do is present your card at any of their participating stores and you will receive the discount. It’s that simple and a no-brainer!


lakewood econimist said...

how does the guy who owns Swave Card make money off it?

Anonymous said...

he probably makes a percentage from the stores that accept the cards