Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lakewood School Budget Would Raise Tax Rate 4%

Property owners would see a 4 percent jump — 3.4 cents — in the school tax rate based on a 2009-10 budget that the Board of Education introduced Monday night. The board voted to submit to the county a $73.6 million tax levy, of which $72.4 million will be decided by voters. The rest would go toward a debt service tax that does not appear on the ballot. The proposed budget totals $138.35 million. The tax rate is to rise to 91.92 cents per $100 of assessed property value, according to the proposal, meaning someone with a home valued at $400,000 will pay about $136 more in school tax next year. The 4 percent increase from last year is the maximum allowed by the state. APP.


A yid that actually cares for other yidden said...

what else is new, if not for the state law against raising more than 4%, they would raise it 50% every year. It is insane.
And the silent majority does absolutely nothing. It's really sad.

Anonymous said...

We have some of the highest property taxes in the state and the worst public school system. This is one township that should have an excess when it comes to monies for the public education, being that we all pay taxes and none of us send to public. This country and this state are quickly becoming extremely socialist, and i don't know how we can fix it.