Thursday, September 3, 2009

Unemployed Feel Traumatized By Recession

A new study finds that the recession has left many jobless workers struggling to cope with the psychological stress caused by becoming unemployed in a weak economy. Researchers at the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University said the financial strain that comes with being out of work combined with the sometimes daunting task of seeking new employment in a difficult job market has left many Americans "traumatized." "Psychologically, it's a world of hurt out there for the jobless," Cliff Zukin, a Rutgers professor and co-author of the study, said during a conference call with reporters. Zukin said "significant numbers" of respondents have had trouble sleeping since losing their jobs, have strained relations with family members and increased alcohol and drug dependency. Many also say they now avoid social situations. AP


Anonymous said...

Now people are finally understanding the pain people go through when they are unemployed. Al achas kamah v'kamah what people who were good at their professions go through when terminated for NO CAUSE by a board of nobodys who think they are beyond reproach. They think that because they have money or perceived money, they can vote out another person.

Yesh Din V'Yesh Dayan! Anyone involved in pushing a rebbe out of chinuch for NO CAUSE will learn the hard way what desperation feels like.

Anonymous said...

Lets hear from all those who are concerned out there:

Unemployed people I know say that the hardest part of it, is the boredom of having nothing to do all day.They can't go back to Yeshiva because most lost their contacts there, and more importantly when actively looking for a job you can't make a commitment to a chavruse.

The commitment problem is a big hindrance to most constructive behavior.Other then signing up for more course and helping their wives (neither are always feasible) how should an unemployed person spend his days constructively and keep out of the trouble that boredom/too much time brings???

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to set up/fund a kollel for the unemployed. They could use the stipend, the chizuk, the comradarie, the structure, the learning - it'd be a huge, huge benefit for those in this circumstance. There's be no issue with a chuvrusa - the understanding going in would be that an interview or, b'ezras Hashem, a job offer, would supercede participation in the kollel. If you could find a strong rosh kollel with experience counselling displaced breadwinners, it'd be an even greater benefit. Tie it in to mincha, for instance - can you imagine the tefilla?