Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Tomchei Shabbos ‘Keep The Change’ Program Goes Into Effect

In a groundbreaking move, the indefatigable staff of Tomchei Shabos of Lakewood has introduced a new, innovative way to let Lakewood residents donate money to tzedaka conveniently. The “Keep the Change” program allows shoppers in many area stores to have the change from their purchases, rounded up to the nearest dollar, transferred seamlessly to Tomchei Shabbos. Simply showing your keychain sized card, or just telling the cashier to “Keep the Change for Tomchei Shabbos” will automatically round your total up to the nearest dollar and send your change to this worthy cause! The program works when paying with cash, credit card or check. 25 stores have already enrolled in the program, including most local groceries, as well as Judaica Plaza, Center of Town, KlassiKids and many more popular establishments.

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Anonymous said...

As some on the outside of this wonderful organization I am very happy with the "new" staff. May they continue to make smart decisions.