Thursday, September 3, 2009

Undisputed King Of Jewish Music Releases Album Today

AUDIO clips below of the new MBD CD titled Kulam Ahuvim which is set to hit stores today-as well as a 25 minute interview with MBD from JMR (Jewish Music Report). The album was produced by his son Yeedle. The last MBD CD produced, was titled Efshar Letaken which was released approximately two years ago. Mendel the Sheichet of the JMR got the chance to interview one of Jewish Music’s most legendary artists. Mendel discusses many topics with MBD including his brand new album and the involvement of Yeedle, Lipa, Aaron Razel and others in this new CD.


Anonymous said...

Why undisputed who nominated him? Jsu becuse he has been around teh longest doesn't mean King.

Anonymous said...

He sounds way past his prime, it's time to say ENOUGH, and the music is more of the same. It's worse than boring, it's torturous. Looks like I'm going to be staying away from any judaica store, as they tend to have new releases playing on the PA.

Anonymous said...

What?!?! I bought this MBD CD YESTERDAY at Judaica Plaza!

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 12:17pm and 1:27pm:

I am an objective Jewish music listener for the last 22 years.

I totally disagree with the two of you for the following reasons:

What do you mean by "past his prime"?

(1) Are you aware that Modechai Ben David had some of his biggest hits in the last 10 years?

In his last album Efshar L'saken he had two mega hit songs.You cannot go to a chasuneh without hearing Usid and Ana Melech

Do you know the song Maminim?

I totally agree with TLS Reb Mordechai is the King.

Of course you do not expect a sixty year old person to sound the same way he did when he was thirty.
And in his thirties MBD was unbelievable.

If I sounded today at thirty years old, the way R’ Mordechai sounds in his late fifties or early sixties I would be extremely grateful to H'K'B'H.

Before you criticize please think.

Point 2 Mordechai Ben David has been around the Jewish Music scene with smashing success for 40 years. AND B'H MBD IS STILL IN THE MIX.

Ask any one in the Jewish music industry, and they will tell you that Mordechai's range , depth, and sweetness is not matched by any of the current crop, even though the new kids are half his age and younger

At the recent Event in WaMU in MSG, the oilam went wild for Mordechai? Why? They had others?

IMHO, although it was a young oilam, they appreciated his songs. He was not "boring".

Reb Mordechai style is diffrent and fresh in each new album that he comes out with.

While I might like his wonderful albums "I'd Rather pray and Sing" and V'chol Mamanim and Just One Shabbos, someone else might like Maminim, Moshiach and Efsher L'saken.

I for one did not care for the B'rosh Hashana song on Efshar Lsaken. Yet MBD gives everybodys musical techunas hanfesh something to enjoy.

Modechai Ben Dovid is from the few singers that actually sound good singing chassidish, litvish, sefardish.

He can sing an English song better than anyone. And Yiddish of course.

As A jewish Music listener, we are lucky. We have a great group of artists to listen too. Avarham Fried is wonderful too.

Even if you totally disagree with everything I wrote, does that give you a reason in mitten choidesh ellul to bashmutz MBD?

I for one wish that ALL the wonderful individuals, that are involved in Jewish music scene and are Mesameiach Kllal Yisreal to I'YH be zoicha to sing bifnei Moshiach Tzidkeinu. Bimheiru biyameynu Amen

Anonymous said...

"What?!?! I bought this MBD CD YESTERDAY at Judaica Plaza!"

Please tell me they don't have it playing 24/7.

Anonymous said...

long live the king ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,of jewish music

BM said...

i also released something was an original creation.and i didnt plagiarize it from anyone.but alas it is not around any longer.

Anonymous said...

Just bought Kulom Ahuvim. It is a beautiful and classy album. Keep up the good work Mordechai.

Anonymous said...

How come no one is raving about the new matisyahu cd? It is beautiful and original. He never takes songs from german disco groups. His music is soulful and as jewish as any of todays heimishe music"stars". Smash lies!!!

Anonymous said...

Kulom ahuvim?is it allowed to be sold in lakewood or did they change the name for our town?

Anonymous said...

I also bought this CD. Great album. MBD is even getting better at composing. I agree with the above anon @ 3:54pm. My thoughts exactly. Thank you.



Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:48pm while your comment was certainly said tongue in cheek. Nevertheless your unfortunate pain is quite apparent. Just know this, we bloggers at the LAKEWOOD scoop all love you :-). Kulom Ahuvim